Sunday, April 15, 2018

Some Space Dogfights

I spent some time yesterday morning fiddling around with dogfights on a grid. To keep things on the grid, I reduced movement to 3 and allowed a turn after 1 space. I also tweaked the maneuver chart to 1-3 = 60 degrees, 4-5 = 120 degrees, and 6 = 180 degrees. These changes worked much better on my small board.

Dogfight 1
A Federation rocket (blue) spots a sinister Imperial

Both ships turn toward one another and shoot (I use a 60 degree arc of fire). The Fed gets an excellent shot (a 12) and blows up the Imperial.

Well, due to a lucky shot, the first game was quick. Of course, these rules are really designed for multiple craft. Let's try another dogfight.

Dogfight 2
This time, I have a lone Federation rocket, with superior agility, taking on 3 Imperials.

Our Federation hero spots the Imperials.

The craft turn toward each other. The Fed tries a long shot, which rattles his target.

The Fed gets a good shot at another Imperial but misses. Two Imperials take shots but miss.

The Fed gets a tail shot and damages an Imperial.

A close pass, with an Imperial on his tail.

Oh, oh! They have a bead on him.

He survives and turns the tables on his foes.

And getting into position, the Fed damages another Imperial.

This one decides to turn for home! The Fed maneuvers into position again and another Imperial is hit!

It also turns for home. The remaining Imperial has no wish to tangle with the Fed pilot and also flees. The Fed pursues and manages to blast one of the Imperials.

Victory for the Federation!

The changes worked well enough. Both sides were able to maneuver into position for some shots. I may be wreaking havoc with the granularity of movement and the ability to model different aircraft, but that's not so important when I play with rockets.

I'm generally pleased with the combat rules, though I may still tweak the results table a bit. Nevertheless, I just love not having to keep a roster! And the Hero roll paid off; the Fed pilot was able to avoid a Damage result.

Teaser - Although I swore off miniatures a few months ago, I couldn't resist and recently placed an order. I won't say what I bought yet; you'll have to wait for the unboxing. :)

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