Saturday, February 9, 2013

Battle of Maraconi

 Last weekend, I played the first battle in my version of a  Restless Revolutionaries campaign. I roped my wife into playing, and she chose to be the ruthless Bluderian occupiers who were trampling on the liberties of the people of Grayrock. 

Here is an excerpt from the Chronicles of Francesia:

When King Marius of Grayrock died without an heir, the throne fell to Marius’s second cousin, Luther, king of Bluderia. At the time, the nobles of Grayrock accepted the new king and offered their allegiance. Recently, however, the Bluderians have been oppressing the people of Grayrock, creating a great deal of discontent.

That discontent broke into open rebellion in the isolated little barony of Maraconi. The Bluderian Governor decided to confiscate the manor of the Sieur of Maraconi, who was much beloved by the people. When the Sieur set out for Grayrock to protest to the Viceroy, the Governor had him arrested. This spark ignited all the frustration and anger at Bluderian rule, and the people of Maraconi took arms. These fierce, independent people had long maintained a local militia, and this force gathered to free their Sieur. Buttressed by veterans of recent wars, the militia was determined to strike a blow for freedom.

As the determined rebels advanced on Maraconi, the Bluderian watch gave the alarm.

Picture 1 – Situation when the Bluderian watch first spied the rebels.

The Bluderians moved their artillery to the hill on its right flank and began a rather ineffectual cannonade. Meanwhile, their cavalry moved forward, only to be charged by their Grayrock counterparts. After a sharp clash of swords, the Bluderian horse fled the field.

Picture 2 – The Grayrock cavalry is victorious (right)

The Bluderians occupied the hills west of town, while the rebels advanced in the center and on their right flank. An initial attack on Maraconi was repulsed with casualties on both sides.

Picture 3 – After the initial assault on Maraconi

At this point, the Bluderian regulars grew overconfident. Believing that they could easily disperse the rebels, the Bluderians pursued the rebel militia out of town. The rebels rallied, however, and their counterattack wiped out the Bluderians.

Picture 4 – Grayrock takes Maraconi and advances on the right

The Greenglade infantry (allies of the Bluderians but of marginal motiviation) advanced in an attempt to retake the village. But the rebels launched strong attacks on the right and center, pushing back the occupiers.

Picture 5 – The rebels engage the remaining Bluderian infantry

The final rebel push drove the Bluderian infantry from the field. Seeing the defeat of their comrades, the Bluderian cavalry and artillery turned to flee.

Picture 6 – The Bluderians flee

The victorious rebels freed the Sieur and declared him their rightful monarch. Frustrated Grayrockians flocked to the Maraconi banner and the rebel army swelled. Flushed with success, they decided to advance upon the provincial capital.

This sets the stage for the next battle in the campaign.

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