Sunday, January 5, 2014

Space Marines in Action!

I finally finished painting the Space Marines for a not-Space Hulk expedition to a floating derelict so we played a game last night.

The teams have been tasked with making their way to the central control room, downloading the computer log, setting the self-destruct, and then getting out of there! I don't have full details of the game, but I snapped a few pictures.

The carnage in one room. Two Space Demons take out 2 members of my squad.

Lousy photo of Elizabeth's Black Widow team (from Rebel Minis).
4 of 5 were wounded.
Elizabeth really likes her Black Widow team. I painted each with a different hair color. She really liked the one with blue hair and made that her squad leader. They just need a heavy weapons specialist.

Jimmy's victorious Red Squad.
1 man lost.
I need to tweak the rules a bit, but we had a fun night shooting aliens.

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