Sunday, June 8, 2014

Elder Scrolls

In my last post, way back on May 21, I mentioned a number of distractions that have kept me from miniature gaming. One of those was Elder Scrolls Online, which I recently purchased. Let me show you what I've been doing in the game. Sorry for the quality; the screen shots were taken at night.
EDIT - I just added new photos of the characters, taken in daylight (albeit late afternoon).

First, I created a character based on myself, although he is much beefier than I am. His name is Rufus (which is my game name in Dagorhir).

Rufus of Dragon Coast

 I got Rufus up to about level 7 before I made a change.

I convinced my wife to play with me, but I wanted to save Rufus as a solo character. Therefore I decided to make a new character. On a whim, I made an Argonian (lizardman). In all the times I played Oblivion or Skyrim, I never played an Argonian so it was a bit of a change.

 I think Slishnek is now level 5.

Slishnek created a bit of a dilemma. Elder Scrolls Online has 3 factions. Rufus and Slishnek both belong to the Ebonheart Pact, which means that both characters are getting the same quests. I decided that I would prefer to experience the quests fresh when I played with my wife, so I shelved Rufus. But who would I use for soloing?

I decided to make a character for the Daggerfall Covenant, which consists of the orcs, Redguards, and Bretons. Redguards are renowned swordsmen, so I decided to create a Redguard character. Redguards are also darker skinned so my new character looks much different than Rufus or me. However, he still has reddish hair and blue eyes.

 I also got sucked into another distraction. My wife follows Wil Wheaton on Facebook and learned that he has a new show on the Sy Fy channel. We tuned in and caught the end of an episode of Heroes of Cosplay.

We are officially hooked. My brother downloaded the first season for us (just 6 episodes) and we watched it over a few nights. We have since seen the first two episodes of season 2. The craftsmanship of the costumes they make is absolutely amazing!

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