Thursday, January 8, 2015

2mm or not 2mm. That is the question.

Although I am not using the rules as written, One-Hour Wargames has sparked a resurgence of interest in horse & musket battles. Since the beginning of this blog I’ve talked about completing the armies of Francesia and once again I am pondering this project.

The big question: 2mm or 6mm?

I really like the Baccus 6mm miniatures and am tempted to go that route. However, I have a lot of 2mm stuff and I do like the scale. Which one should I choose? Well, let’s look at the pros and cons.

6mm pros:
  • Larger figures look better in photographs (important for my blog)
  • Larger figures are easier to pick up
  • It is easier to distinguish between troop types (e.g. elites vs. regulars)
  • Squares look more full (using 2mm the squares look a little empty)

2mm pros:
  • I already have completed armies for the Empire, Redgrave, and Bluderia
  • I can probably complete an army quicker
  • I already have terrain 
    • I can use the hills I have
    • I have a few 6mm trees but could use more
    • My biggest gap is buildings. I would need to make some
  • Looks more realistic (like a helicopter view of the battlefield, although I probably should rebase so that there are 2 blocks on a base)
To sum up, 6mm will look better but 2mm will be easier to do. 
Decisions, decisions.


  1. @mm looks good if you get the density right, so more blocks to a base and make sure the bases really fill the squares. Otherwise I find 6mm looks good, but I've always been a fan of 6mm :)

  2. Good point on 2mm. I would probably put 2 blocks to a base and then use 4 bases per infantry unit. An infantry unit would then go from 2 blocks to 8 blocks. I have enough spares for my 3 armies to make re-basing a possibility. However, I think I am leaning to 6mm. I'll probably use 2mm in the interim.