Monday, March 7, 2016

A Good and Bad Day

I write this while sitting in the hotel room at Walt Disney World. That makes it a good day (especially because I'm not at work). We'll be heading to the park soon and then enjoying lunch at the new Be Our Guest restaurant.

Be Our Guest restaurant
From the Disney website
Another thing that makes it a good day is my virtual skirmish game. I brought my laptop so I can play wargames while I wait for my wife to wake up. Games AND Disney. Awesome!

What makes it a bad day is the Kate and Kip scenario I played this morning. Kate and Kip are my sci-fi secret agent characters. I've been playing out their adventures using my virtual skirmish rules (game reports are on my Tales of the Templar blog).

Warning: Spoilers (you may want to read the battle report first)
Yesterday, I played out the first part of an adventure. My heroes had a bit of bad luck; one of the enemy soldiers escaped. I ruled that he then alerted the defenders in the second part of the adventure. So Kate and Kip walked into a virtual hornet's nest.

I then made a tactical error. On the first turn, I had the 2 characters attack the same enemy soldier. Kate killed him and Kip had no other targets. If Kip had gone after and killed another soldier, the next round may have gone differently. My other mistake was to roll very poorly. As a result, Kate and Kip have been captured - making it a bad day for them. This was my first failed mission among the scenarios I played. But it opens up a lot of possibilities: a rescue mission (with my Space Templar characters), an orbital space battle, and a planetary invasion - another reason it's a good day.. Stay tuned for some sci-fi battles!

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