Saturday, August 27, 2016

Miniaturizing Four Against Darkness

It has been a while since I last played a game with actual miniatures (April to be precise). Since then, I've become enamored with Four Against Darkness, which allows me to play quick and easy dungeon crawls without physical components. However, I've been hankering for some miniatures. To that end, I orderd a Paizo Pathfinder flip-mat and some wet-erase pens. Tonight, I pulled out some old minis and played a game.

 Early in the dungeon, they come across a troll (that looks suspiciously like a lizard-man)

Later they fought an ogre (that looks suspiciously like the troll that looks like a lizard-man).
Here is the "completed" dungeon. I did not map it all out, having decided to head for the exit before I visited all the rooms.

The complete battle report is over at my Tales of the Templars blog.

All-in-all, I have to give the Paizo mat a thumbs up. It fit perfectly on the coffee table and the pen erased easily. It may have durability problems down the line as it is just heavy paper that's been laminated. There are also folds that caused some difficulties with the miniatures. These issues did not detract from the mat's overall usefulness, and it was certainly easier than making a bunch of room tiles.

My biggest problem is a lack of miniatures for various monsters. I substituted (the lizard-man stood in for multiple monsters). I could try to pick up more of the D&D pre-paints. However, I think they may be a little large for the grid. I started an experiment with Perfect Six 6mm fantasy miniatures but feel they are a bit too small. Perhaps I'll experiment with 10 or 15mm, some day.

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