Sunday, September 18, 2016

Invasion of Evil

From the depths of the Bleak Mountains poured an army of evil. Led by a horde of orc warbands, the army devastated the outlying settlements of the kingdom of Anarendor. Then it approached the bridge over the Deepswift River. Hastily, the human defenders raced to defend the bridge and stop the marauding horde.

Game Notes
Recently I've had a hankering for some medieval-style battling. However, I wanted something a bit more epic than my Francesian medieval campaign; I wanted to pit good vs. evil. I'm considering a project to create 2 medieval armies, most likely in 3mm. I could not wait for figures so I decided to give it a go using a virtual board.

The scenario is #5 - Bridgehead from Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames. The objective is to clear all enemy units from the north bank of the river. Looking at Kaptain Kobold's report on this scenario, I think I may have gotten the sides mixed up, which would explain why the objective seemed so strange. Oh well.

Battle Report
A lone unit of militia stands guard at the foot of the bridge. Two orc warbands, the vanguard of the evil army, approach.

There is a clash at the bridge. The militia falls back.

Reinforcements arrive.

But more of the evil army approaches. Goblin archers trot down the road to the front line.

The militia is forced back but surprisingly the orcs hesitate to pursue.

A unit of Royal infantry arrives

More enemies! Including the Black Riders of the Iron Legion (right)

Heavy fighting occurs on the bridge. Casualties mount

 While the opposing archers exchange volleys, a unit of orcs breaks through and crosses the bridge.

Battle rages on the south side of the river.

The Royal infantry breaks but the militia retaliates and destroys one of the warbands. Another takes its place and wreaks havoc.

The militia takes down another warband. Now, the Black Riders charge across the bridge. Their swirling attacks keep the militia at bay.

 The Black Riders cause severe casualties. The militia lose heart and begin to retreat.

The army of evil has secured the crossing!


  1. Your report looks OK to me; I'm not sure where you think you may have gone wrong.

    The aim is to have undisputed control of the crossing on the side all of the troops start from, so your grey force starts with one unit there and really needs to expand from that point.

  2. I think it would have made more sense, narrative-wise, to have the invader (the evil army) trying to expand the bridgehead with the good guys trying to drive them back.