Saturday, October 15, 2016

Something's Burning

Despite Baron Hendrich's successful ambush, the Iron Legion continued its advance deeper into Anardendor. A small force of Legion Knights, led by a Death Lord, come across a band of peasants heading toward a nearby village.

They converge and slaughter the peasants. A band of rangers (in the wood) and the local levy (in the village) look on in horror.

The Knights charge the rangers and levy. The rangers take some casualties before they can make it back into the safety of the woods.

Their opponents skirt around the woods en route to the village.

The levy manfully held out for some time, as the women and children fled to the woods. Finally, the Knights ride down one of the bands.

But the other fights on with a desperate courage. Meanwhile, the rangers make their way through the woods.

Their deadly shafts slaughter a troop of Knights. The rest ride to the far side of the village.

The rangers pursue. They are too late, however, as the last of the levy is butchered.

The rangers flee to the woods. The Knights burn down the village and then ride further into Anarendor.

Game Notes
Since I finished my Evil Army knights, I've been itching to get them into action. I decided to run a quick scenario this morning. I just threw some terrain and troops down and went at it.

The peasants are actually skirmishers from one of my horse & musket armies. I also used a horse & musket casualty stand to show lost stands. I think I'll paint some specifically for medievals. You may also notice that I painted my casualty markers; they are no longer a garish red. I would like to decorate them. I've seen some cool medieval casualty stands with discarded shields and broken weapons. It may be hard to do at this scale but I may try it.

Once again, I used my home-brew rules, which is a conglomeration of ideas from Song of Blades and Heroes, Command & Colors, Mice & Mystics, and others. I'm calling them WISER (Warwell's Incredibly Short and Easy Rules). I think I'll use the same core mechanics across periods, with additional rules and unit stats depending on the era. Currently, I am working on compiling the rules into a single document.

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