Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Doldrums

Time for a monthly recap. This month's theme is doldrums.

I'm so lazy I didn't even bother to find a new picture!

Six by Six Challenge
I started the year on a torrid pace but I predicted that my pace would slacken. I just did not expect it to happen so suddenly, March turned out to be a bad month gaming-wise. I only completed two games and none of them were miniatures games (I played DC Rivals and a Four Against Darkness session)

The Six by Six list at the Stronghold Rebuilt is up-to-date.

Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando
A couple of weeks ago my wife and I spent a long weekend at Universal Studios. It had been several years since we last visited and we had never seen the Harry Potter areas at the park.

We stayed at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort, which had a cool 1950s Miami vibe. We visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and enjoyed the new rides, I got hooked on butterbeer.

Unlike previous visits to Orlando I did not play any games. I did not bring my computer and I forgot to pack one of my portable wargames.

I've been busy so I haven't done any work on any of my projects. My latest batch of figures for my Lumbago project are still sitting in their envelope.

I have been pondering a new LARP project - a Me'owtzlan character,

The Me'owtzlan are Aztec-inspired cat-people who live in my LARP group's imaginary home. Here is the story of their appearance. I'm researching ways to dress more convincingly like a Me'owtzlan.


  1. "The Six by Six list at the Stronghold Rebuilt is up-to-date."

    Thanks for checking. I hoped it was :)

    My update fr the month will appear later. You aren't the only person in the doldrums :)

  2. I am guilty of the doldrums as well for March. No wargames at all.