Monday, May 1, 2017

April Update

This month's theme is "bad news, good news"

Bad News
I only completed 2 games towards the 6 by 6 challenge for a total of 15 games this year (the Stronghold Rebuilt has the up-to-date list). I am still slightly ahead of pace. Can I get back into the groove or am I fading fast?

There have been a lot of distractions that have limited my gaming. Here is one:

This is one of our cats, Buster. Here he is helping me with a portable wargame. A few days after this picture was taken he was diagnosed as having a tumor, possibly cancer. Multiple vet visits have kept me from gaming. We're still waiting for a complete diagnosis and I'm praying for his recovery.

Good News
Even though I haven't played many games this month, I am out of the doldrums that I suffered in March. The remedy was a new craze - aerial combat.

I spent a bit of time researching rules to find one that fits my needs. I settled on Kaptain Kobold's Spandau and Lewis and will make it part of the 6 by 6 challenge.

I decided to move my campaign up twenty years with a 1930s style campaign. I ordered some 1/600 scale planes (including P-26s) from PicoArmor.

Due to this new craze, I hope May will see a spike in games played.


  1. Did you get the updated copy of 'Spandau and Lewis' I sent you? I have another files with some aircraft stats if you're interested.

    You've inspired me to give the game another go at some stage. Once I've tidied up my gaming area and can find the box with my planes in. I fancy rerunning the Hawker's VC scenario I devised a couple of years ago.

    1. One thing you may need to consider for a 1930s game is that the range of gun armaments is greater than that in WW1. A given gun-position on a WW1 plane would have either one or two MGs, and that's it. You might be looking at planes with three, four of more MGs firing at once, and may need to adjust the firing accordingly.

      Or you could just abstract and handwave it all :)

    2. That's a good point. I would like to tweak it slightly to give a 30s feel but was unsure how to do it/

  2. I did; thank you. Buster's illness has prevented me from doing much hobby-wise over the past week.

  3. I do hope you will soon receive good news about Buster. He's a splendid looking chap. My cat, Napier, became very ill years ago so I know how concerned you must be. My best wishes to both of you.

  4. Thanks for your good thoughts Arthur