Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Redgrave War - Part 3

I have previously reported on an old campaign, called the Redgrave War, fought in my Imagi-nation continent of Francesia.

The Redgravians invaded the Empire, seized Blancport, and defeated the Emperor Lester at the Battle of Shallow Stream in Middle March.

The scene of the fighting then turned to Southcoast. Expecting an attack, the Empire rushed reinforcements to the city, including a contingent of Marines aboard a squadron of ships commanded by Admiral Netherbottom. The Redgravian Navy attempted to intercept. Commodore Plotkin of the Redgravian squadron held the weather gauge and was able to swoop upon the Imperialists. The Imperial ships Tiramisu and Escargot took on the brunt of the attack and both were forced to strike their colors. Nevertheless, Netherbottom's flagship and another ship managed to escape, delivering the Marines to the beleaguered city.

Despite the efforts of the Marines, Southcoast fell to the Redgravians (the Marines managed to withdraw). As the siege dragged on, however, Emperor Lester organized a force to relieve the city. As it approached, Southcoast fell, but the Imperials were determined to regain it.

Seeing the Imperials advance, the Redgravian general, Schwarzwelder, decided to meet the enemy in the open field. It was a disastrous decision as he was outnumbered 2-1. The Imperial attack, led by the remaining Marines, smashed the Redgravians and the city returned to Imperial hands.

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