Saturday, October 24, 2015

Drawn-Out Campaigns

All month I had been hoping to play another battle in my Lucranian campaign. However, I have been very busy and too tired to set anything up. Instead I have been thinking about my campaigns. Unfortunately, they have been drawn out over time. Many are unfinished. Here is a list of campaigns I have played since starting this blog:
  • Eindekker and Down in Flames - when I began this blog I did not have any miniatures so I played a few commercial board/card games. These 2 have campaign but I never bothered to finish them.
  • Grayrock Revolution (horse & musket) - My first miniatures campaign. It took over 2 years, but I finally completed it.
  • Redgrave Raiders (medieval) - sort of Dux Brit light. I'm not going to bother finishing this one because I replaced it with:
  • Redgravian Conquest (medieval) - I played out the conquest of Transflumia as a single, winner-take-all battle. Then I decided I would play a separate Neil Thomas style campaign for each of the remaining provinces. In April, I played out 2 (of 3 battles) in the Meditera war.
  • Artemesia (sci fi) - I played 3 scenarios in this campaign before it went on hold.
  • Tweenwater War (horse & musket) - played 1 battle and then stalled because I "needed" to paint Imperial troops.
  • Lucrania (dieselpunk imagi-nation) - just started this.
As you can see, I have a bit of GADD, hopping between periods seemingly at random. Because of this, my campaigns go in starts-and-stops. Anyway, over the past few weeks I kept telling myself that I should finish one of these almost abandoned campaigns. So today, when I some time for a game, I decided to complete the Meditera War. The report of the final battle has been posted.

I now have one more campaign completed. However, I now have ideas for a new one. With [spoiler alert!]'s victory, I envision the next stage in his career, which of course will include some conflict. Will the madness ever end???

Francesian Conquest - Battle of Shadowcrest

Following the battle at Raider's Ridge, the Legate Dumias retreated southward toward the capital. He was able to recruit some less-than-enthusiastic replacements to replenish his ranks. Meanwhile, Lothar the Lascivious pursued relentlessly. Finally, Dumias took up positions on Shadowcrest Ridge and prepared to meet his nemesis for a climatic battle that would determine the fate of Meditera (and perhaps the Empire itself)!

Scenario Notes
Today's game was scenario # 29 - Shambolic Command from Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames.
See my complete list of OHW scenarios here.

Lothar's Redgravian raiders are attacking with 4 units - 1 elite infantry (Q3/C5), 2 heavy infantry (Q4/C4), and 1 archer (Q3/C3)

Dumias's Imperial defenders consist of 6 units - 3 knights (Q3/C4), 1 archer  (Q3/C3), and 2 levy (Q5/C3)

I used my medieval rules, which are heavily based on Song of Blades and Heroes. In Thomas's version, the defending side may only command 2 units per turn. For my version, I only allowed the Imperials to roll activation for 2 units. Of course, depending on the rolls, fewer than two units might actually move in a turn.

As per Thomas's scenario, the board includes a long ridge in the center, which is the objective of both sides. I randomly added some additional hills and woods.

Battle Report
I took pictures but unfortunately I'm having issues with my SD card and cannot download them.

Dumias positioned a unit of cavalry, the archers, and levy on Shadowcrest Ridge. Dumias and the remaining cavalry stationed themselves around a hill on the left flank

The Redgravians advanced in a line, with Lothar's Hearthguard in the center and the two warbands on the flanks. The Hearthguard rushed forward, routing a unit of archers off the ridge. The Imperial knights on the hill tried to dislodge Lothar but were themselves repulsed.

Commanding the warband on the Redgravian right, Snorri son of Sigurd slowly advanced, hitting the retreating archers and driving them further back. Dumias sent in one of his reserve units of knights. They smashed into Snorri's warband, but the Redgravians held firm.

The Redgravian left, led by Bryti and supported by archers finally drove off the levies on the hill. As the sun reached its highest point, Lothar's troops held the hill.

But the battle was not yet over, the Imperial knights launched charge after charge until Snorri's warband broke.

The knights continued, rumbling uphill into Lothar's warband. After a bitter struggle, the knights broke. Lothar still held the hill.

The situation looked bleak for the Empire. The archers remained and pestered the Redgravian warbands with their fire. The levy still stood but they refused to advance on the hills. Dumias had no choice but to enter the fray. Covered by archery, his Guard charged uphill towards Lothar's Hearthguard. A bloody melee ensued, but, inspired by a desperate courage, the knights prevailed. The Hearthguard broke. Unbeknownst to all, Lothar had fallen in the retreat.

Dumias turned and charged Bryti's warband. Now the knights were irresistible, and Bryti was thrown from the hill. He counterattacked, aided by the Redgravian archers.

However, the knights would not be denied. After more bloodshed, the remaining Redgravian's broke.

Thus ended Lothat's attempt to conquer Meditera. Dumias would return to the capital to a triumph. Soon, he would be seeking an even greater prize.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Star League Season 5

I was too lazy to set up a game this morning. Instead, I pulled out Star League and finished season 5.

It turned into a rather entertaining season. Both division were still up for grabs in the final games.

In the Galactic Division, the Avengers (6-3)  visited the Dynamos (7-2). The first half was close, with the Dynamos holding a tight 1-0 edge. Early in the second period, the Dynamos scored 2 goals to take a commanding 3-0 lead. The Avengers scored late in the period, but it was too little too late. The Dynamos were victorious, clinching the division with an 8-2 record.

Over in the Stellar Division, the division-leading Helix (6-3) traveled to take on the reigning division champion Fury (5-4). This proved to be a more entertaining game, Tied 1-1 at halftime, the Helix scored a quick goal early in the 2nd period. A short time later, the Fury tied it up. However, their celebration proved short-lived. The Helix immediately took the ball down the court and scored. Final 3-2 Helix.

This set up a Star Cup match-up between the Dynamos and the Helix. Both teams were playing in their very first Star Cup (although the Dynamos had been close before - finishing 2nd in the division in three prior seasons). With their 8-2 record and home court advantage, the Dynamos were favored to win. They certainly looked superior in the first game, staking a 3 goal lead en route to a 3-1 victory.

The Helix played better at home in the second game, with the score tied at halftime. Then the Dynamos asserted themselves again with a quick goal. The Star Cup looked like it would go to the Dynamos. But then the Helix sneaked a goal into the back of the net in the middle of the period. Then, with the clock ticking down, they made a spectacular run, shot and scored! Their 3-2 last second victory tied the series at 1 game each.

The Dynamos were feeling confident at home in the final game but the Helix burst their bubble with a quick goal. The Dynamos tied it late in the 1st period, and the half ended with a 1-1 score. But then disaster struck for the Dynamos. The Helix scored 3 quick goals. A demoralized Dynamos team lost heart and the series as the Helix pulled away for a 4-1 victory.

This was a historic collapse by the Dynamos. It marked only the 2nd time that the underdog won the series, and was the first time that a team came back from a deficit to win the series. Starting from the middle of the 2nd game, the Dynamos were outscored 6-1. Looks like heads will roll in the off-season!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Another Colonial Gothic Adventure

Last night's Family Game Night featured another session of our Colonial Gothic inspired RPG campaign. Our heroes are trying to sneak into New York City via submersible. Details over at my Tales of the Templars blog.