Sunday, March 8, 2015

Game Night Update

Lately, our game night theme has been

I previously mentioned that my wife gave me a copy of Fortune and Glory for my birthday. It has become our favorite game and we have played it every Saturday since then. It's essentially a dice-rolling game with a little bit of strategy (e.g. do I camp out and heal or press on into danger?). What really makes the game is the story (like I talked about earlier). The heroes have to battle Nazis, evade mobsters, face uncounted perils, and race back home to claim their fortunes. We've been having great fun with the stories the game generates.

Furthermore, the games have been tense! Last night, my wife had built up a sizable lead if fortune and was close to winning the game. However, she was blocked by Nazis in England and had to battle her way through to deliver a secret package. Meanwhile, I sneaked aboard a zeppelin and stole the Nazis gold. Before I could make it back home with my prize, Elizabeth arrived in New York with enough fortune to claim the victory.

Elizabeth won last week as well. At one point with me in the lead, she was ready to concede victory, but I encouraged her to keep playing (bad mistake). I got stuck on an adventure while she completed one and then was able to deliver a secret package for the win!

Elizabeth has been having so much fun, I'm wondering if she would enjoy a pulp RPG. Plots are forming in my head. We shall see.

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