Sunday, December 6, 2015

My LARP Wish List (Basic Kit)

A while back, I mentioned how I am changing my LARP look to correspond to the changes with my character. My goal is to look ranger-ish, somewhat like this:

Here are some ideas for my basic kit:

I was toying with the idea of getting a sleeveless surcoat, but I am now leaning to getting a standard tunic. And there is none better than Linengarb's tunic (short style for me). I currently have one in white:
Me in my Linengarb tunic
It is hands-down the best piece of garb I ever owned. I'd like to get one in green.

Or tights. I have a pair of modern tights in black but I want to get these (in brown)

From Kult of Athena

I have shoes but they have hard leather soles, which are very slippery in battle. I'd like to get a simple pair of fantasy boots, like these (again in brown):

From many places. The pic came from HistoricalClothingRealm
I could also use a new belt. Kult of Athena has a nice one for a very reasonable price but they always seem to be backordered.

No medieval outfit is complete without headwear. My preference is for a nice hood. Linengarb used to offer a nice one (I have it in red). I'd like one in dark green or dark brown. If I can't get one from them, Revival Clothing has a nice one.

From Revival Clothing
Aside - Revival Clothing has a lot of nice stuff, albeit a bit pricey for my budget. Some day.

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