Saturday, April 23, 2016

Raid on Coventia

A Side Show of the Lucranian Campaign

While the Battle of Haines City raged, the Imperials launched smaller raids on other Lucranian cities. Coventia was one of the unlucky targets.

An escorted bomber squadron approaches Coventia while another Imperial squadron flies nearby. Three Lucranian intercept squadrons (blue) scramble.

As the bombers draw closer, a Lucranian squadrons sights the enemy and speeds off to intercept.

The combatants draw closer

But the Imperial escorts drive off the defending interceptors.

Again the defenders lose and the bombers are over the city, dropping their payloads on the unfortunate city.

As the bombers turn for home, the defenders finally get past the escorts and inflict casualties on the bomber squadron.

The escorts rally and drive off the interceptors.

The Lucranians pursue

Again the escorts hold off the attacks and the bombers make their escape.

The successful raid brightens Air Marshal Gruber's otherwise bad day.

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