Sunday, July 24, 2016

No Time to Play

Once again, I'm going through a wargaming lull. There are a couple major reasons for this:

Stuck in the Den
I usually do my solo wargaming on weekend mornings, while my wife is asleep. I'll set up the game, make some breakfast, and play out the scenario on the coffee table in the living room.

Over the last few months (note that my last miniatures game was in April), my weekend morning routine has been disrupted. We rescued another cat, Buster. Unfortunately, he turned out to be FIV+ so we've been keeping him separated from the other cats. He is locked up in the den and gets lonely in there. Thus, I've been spending my weekend mornings in the den with him. The problem is that the den does not have a viable space for setting up a game.

I could change my gaming schedule but I prefer to reserve my evenings for time with my wife. On weekends we play board games and during the week we watch TV and go for walks.

Another option is virtual games that I can play on the computer. I was very gung ho about this early in the year but my enthusiasm has waned.

There have been a number of distractions that have kept me away from miniatures games:

LARPing - lately, when I have had the opportunity to escape the den, my efforts have been focused on preparations for my LARP group. I mentioned a quest that I ran last month. I will now be running monthly quests. They won't be as elaborate as the one in June but they will tie me up somewhat.

Video Games - Recently I downloaded and have been playing Witcher 3, a fabulous fantasy RPG with amazing graphics. 

And I got sucked into the Pokemon GO craze.

I HATE walking but my wife loves to walk. In order to motivate myself to walk with her, I downloaded the game. Now I'm dragging her out of the house for walks!

My Dad - last weekend my father ended up in the hospital with a urinary tract infection. He was real bad, nearly catatonic. He is in the hospital but he is so weak that they put him in rehab. I've been spending time with him over the past week and will continue to do so.

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