Friday, September 8, 2017

Invasion Irma

Last year, Hurricane Matthew turned out to be a dud for us. It turned northward before it reached us, skirting the coast. We got some rain but that's about it.

Hurricane Irma is looking like a different kettle of fish altogether. It is already pretty much wiped out Barbuda. According to the latest forecast, it is heading right for me.

Right now is the proverbial calm before the storm. I'll be hunkering down throughout the weekend and praying that we make it safely through.


  1. Looks like Irma is shifting a bit west, which means that my home won't get a direct hit; the west coast of FL will get it instead. Still expect hurricane force winds on Sunday

  2. Minimal damage but power was out for 4 days. Buster was hospitalized for dehydration due to the sweltering heat but will be coming home later this afternoon. Everyone else in the house is OK