Monday, October 2, 2017

Unboxing GMT's Manoeuvre

As I previously mentioned, I recently purchased Manoeuvre from GMT Games. Manoeuvre is a light wargame with a Napoleonics theme.

It comes in a nice, sturdy box (similar to Command & Colors: Ancients)

Here is the interior after I removed the counter sheet, rules, and quick reference guide.

One of the reasons I purchased this game was because I figured that the components would be very useful. For example, it includes 24 map tiles with a variety of terrain features printed on them.

Online there was a lot of criticism of the tiles; people complained that they were too flimsy and tended to warp. My tiles seemed thick enough. There was a little warping but not too bad. I think the tile issues may have been with the first edition, and got corrected in the second.

And here are the counters.

Here is a close-up of the British army. Each army consists of 8 units, represented by 1 counter, each 1 inch square.

 Another feature of Manoeuvre are the cards used for commanding your armies. Each army has its own specialized deck.

Some cards represent the army's units.

There are also tactics cards and leader cards (right).

I was a little reticent to order the game because of the cards. I'm not sure if the cards will work well solo. However, I liked the components and decided the get it because of that. Even if I don't use the actually rules / cards I think the map tiles and counters will be useful. After all, I got 8 armies in the box!

I will be trying the game soon and will review it.


  1. The Map tiles look very good - how big are the squares?

  2. 5.5". 4 tiles comprise a battlefield so the play area makes up an 11" square.

  3. Thanks Kevin. So each square on a 4x4 tile is just over an inch-square which would fit very nicely with how I base many of my figures...