Sunday, December 3, 2017

Motorcycle Madness

With a little time available this morning, I decided to play a session of Machinas.

I made a couple of rule changes to make it easier for me to run the game solo:

  • I vastly reduced the bonus dice pools. My car started with D6/2 while the non-player cars started with 0.
  • I did not roll a random event for each car. Instead, I rolled one random event each turn, then rolled to see which car was affected.
  • I allowed cars to shoot, even if they did not win a passing roll.
The first two changes limited the role of bonus dice, although they could be decisive if used at the right time. I did not notice any reduction in my enjoyment of the game. The last rule change provided, in my eyes, more action, as cars took numerous pot-shots at each other.

I failed to take pictures, primarily because my phone was upstairs and I was too lazy to go up and get it. The pictures would have been a disappointment anyway because I used my unit markers rather than my wife's Hot Wheels (she reclaimed them).

Here is a turn by turn recap:
  1. Conway is on another Courier run. He finds himself pursued by 2 motorcycles. One passes; Conway tries to shoot him but fails. Another car joins the race.
  2. Conway tries to bash the lead motorcycle but it eludes him. The second bike pulls alongside and unloads a blast at the Courier. Conway fires back. Both miss. The car is drafting in the rear.
  3. Conway shoots the lead motorcycle, causing damage. The car moves up behind Conway and shoots, missing.
  4. Conway bashes the lead motorcycle. It crashes! However, another motorcycle joins the chase. The car shoots at Conway. Conway swerves and bumps into the car. Both maintain control.
  5. The car, equipped with a spiked ram, tries to bash the Courier. Conway manages to avoid his pursuer. One of the motorcycles tries to pass, but Conway holds him off.
  6. One of the bikes collides with Conway. Both swerve, causing a chain reaction! The motorcycle collides with the car. It too swerves, loses control, and flips. The last motorcycle has to dodge the wreck! Unnerved by his nearly fatal collision, the lead motorcycle drops out of the chase.
  7. The remaining motorcycle trades shots with Conway. Conway hits the bike, causing it to swerve. Nevertheless, it maintains control.
  8. More shots are exchanged. The motorcycle loses heart and gives up the chase. Conway is home free!
Six by Six Challenge - 5.3 completed!


  1. Obviously whilst there is no right or wrong way to play a game, I have reservations about your bonus dice reduction. Although you have speeded up the game, the key to Machinas is very much about managing your bonus dice, and starting with a decent sized pool is key to that. However the game worked for you, and if you;re having fun then on you go :)

  2. For multi-players I agree wholeheartedly. For solo, I am more interested in the narrative so dice pool management is not as crucial. The logistics of it starts to big down the game so I felt that it was no great loss to reduce the pool.