Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Couple of New Games

My wife and I have grown a bit tired of our current crop of games. We have some good games but they are a pain to set up (looking at you Fortune & Glory). As a result, we have primarily been playing card games with little set up time. However, we are bored of the same old thing. Thus we decided to do a little game shopping last night. We went to Barnes and Nobles looking for some simple games.

First up was Forest.

Elizabeth just adores the artwork and theme (a fairy forest). The game was surprisingly fun for such simple rules. You lay down cards with random numbers and kinds of little fairy creatures. You can claims cards once there is 7 of a kind on the table. The goal is to claim the most cards.

While the rules are simple, there is some nuance to gameplay. First, you must be observant enough to recognize when there is 7 of a kind. You also need to plan your moves - you want to build up to 7 but you don't want to accidentally set up your opponent.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.

We then tried Dragonwood, by the company that published Forbidden Island.

In this game, 5 Dragonwood cards, representing monsters or enchantments, are placed on the table. Players try to overcome a monster/enchantment and collect its card. Monster cards provide victory points while enchantments provide bonuses in future battles. Players use Adventurer cards to buy dice; the player must roll a certain number or higher to win the battle. There are different types of attacks, adding some decision making to the process. The game continues until the two dragons are defeated (or until Onyx the cat sits on the card deck. Sorry, no picture. :( ).

This was another light game with simple rules that provided an entertaining experience.

Overall, we felt we chose well. We enjoyed both games. There was enough strategy in each to keep us thinking, but it was not burdensome with respect to rules or set up time. I recommend both these games for some short, light fun.

Note: all photos are from Boardgamegeek.

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  1. My wife and I have played both of these games multiple times since buying them and still find them enjoyable.