Saturday, May 23, 2020

Heroes' Fury

This past week I continued playing around with my mash-up of Age of Heroes and Hell Hath No Fury. I'm simply calling the rules Heroes' Fury (HF).

The Troll
Scenario 2 from Hell Hath No Fury. Tex's Tigers have been ordered to seize a vital bridge. Unbeknownst to them, there's a "troll" guarding the bridge.

The attack starts off well. The Tigers wipe out 2 squads of enemy infantry.

But things go sour when Dominion armor and artillery counterattack. Then the "troll," a super-heavy tank appears (I gave it 3 hits + the Big Gun trait)

The Tigers swing around the right flank. Tex's tank is crippled.

Tex and his crew bail. They hitch a ride on Tiger 2, which skedaddles from the fight.

The bridge remains in Dominion hands.

Post Action Briefing
Tigers' record = 1-1

Tex had a tough fight on his hands in this one, made more difficult because HQ (i.e. me) reduced his force by 1 vehicle. I figured that I had reduced the potential enemies, so I should also reduce the attackers. I guess the scenario was not balanced to begin with!

I only made one minor rules change. Upon being damaged, a tank had to roll morale otherwise it fled from the fight. I did not apply it to the Tigers, figuring that their morale was excellent (and it would have left the Tigers short-handed very early in the battle).

Fighting Withdrawal
Scenario 6 from Hell Hath No Fury. After the Tiger's were repulsed by the Troll, the Dominion launches a counterattack. The Tigers set up a defensive line, with aid from the missile-armed Hornets.

The Dominion attack includes self-propelled artillery, armor, and infantry. Their first salvo falls short but the Tigers response destroys some infantry and damages a tank.

The Hornets' armor hold up. Again, the response is lethal.

 Tasting victory, the Tigers sortie from the defensive position.

And quickly mop up the rest of the offensive.

Post Action Briefing
Tiger's record = 2-1

I skipped scenarios 3 - 5 because they were more attacks, and it did not seem to make sense from a narrative standpoint. After being defeated, I thought it made sense that the Tigers would retreat with the enemy on their heels. Scenario 6 was the first with the player on the defensive.

This scenario was very much to Tex's advantage. Basically it was like shooting fish in a barrel. However, there wasn't much maneuvering so it wasn't the most interesting scenario.

I forgot to apply the morale rule I introduced last game, but it did not really make a difference.

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  1. Hello Kevin,

    Just to note I am enjoying reading about these small battles (it helps they are about the same size I like to play). And it looks like you are having fun!