Sunday, April 7, 2013

Battle of Owlton

Battle report from our game of FUBAR. I play the marauders while Elizabeth commands the Royal forces.

Not all is well in the formerly peaceful realm of Princess Thomasina. Rumors of strange magic, monsters, and dastardly raiders have been spreading. The Princess has sent one of her most trusted leaders, Commander Thropp, to investigate these reports. As they sallied forth, Thropp’s band received word of marauders pillaging the countryside. The Royal forces have ridden to the aid of the village of Owlton. *

* Named after the subject of this website that Elizabeth has been frequenting lately.

Thropp has sent a unit of horse ahead to warn the village. Meanwhile, the marauders are advancing, intent on plunder.

The Royal forces (gray) rush to the village as the marauders (tan) approach

Thropp hurries her troops toward the village. Meanwhile, the marauder captain chooses a more cautious approach. His right flank (not pictured), under the leadership of the marauders’ second-in-command, hangs back. Is there treachery afoot among the marauders?

[Note – I failed my activation rolls for the troops on the right.]

The enemies draw closer

The marauder captain, with two other horsemen, recklessly charges into the village. One Royal lancer is killed, but a marauder goes down. Royal cavalry then sneaks out from behind a building and strikes the marauders in the flank. Another marauder goes down. The marauder spearmen then move up to attack the cavalry.

Battle is joined in the village. The marauder captain (the tan figure on a gray horse) finds himself in trouble while the spearmen come to his aid.

In a whirling battle, the Royals get the better of the fight and a spearman goes down.

The spearmen’s attack avails little

Thropp urges her troops to press forward. The lancers and cavalry renew their attacks and the marauder captain goes down.

Death of the captain

With their captain’s death, the marauders lose heart and begin to flee from the battlefield. The spears are surrounded and destroyed.

Run away!

Commander Thropp sends a messenger to the Princess’ capital to inform her of a victory over the marauders. Meanwhile, Thropp continues her pursuit of the enemy.

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