Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Medieval Bug

After giving my rendition of Medieval FUBAR a try, I caught the medieval bug. 

Here I am looking medieval

As a result, I have been researching various rules sets.

I am very interested in DuxBritanniarum, a set of rules for skirmishes in Post Roman Britain (the days of Arthur, if he truly lived). What especially interests me is that it has a campaign system that reputedly creates some interesting scenarios. I’d like to give the campaign system a try. Unfortunately, the cost, even for a PDF, is fairly high.

As I was researching Dux Brit, I came across a similarly-themed set of rules – Dux Bellorum. What is really cool is that they have an e-reader version for the nook, so I succumbed and picked it up. They have an interesting mechanic where each player has leadership points that he can use to encourage units to move, to make attacks deadlier or to improve defense.

I would still like a campaign system to use with Medieval FUBAR. Although I am not using the rules, Song of Blades and Heroes has a fairly inexpensive campaign supplement called Songs of Deeds and Glory. I am very tempted to pick it up.

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