Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Castle Defended

Last week, I mentioned that I had ordered Castle Panic.

Last night, my wife, brother-in-law, and I tried it out.

The game features some really nice components, the highlight being the castle in the center of the board. Monsters (trolls, orcs, and goblins, plus some bosses) will appear on the board and rush the castle. If they reach the castle, they tear the walls down. Players work together to fend off the attacks.

 Monsters are swarming the castle

At first, our attacks weren't very successful, and the monsters drew nearer to the wall.

 The walls are threatened

But then Sir James (my brother-in-law), led a series of attacks that swept the invaders from the walls.
The walls have been cleared. 

We buttressed one of the walls. When the orcs tried to crash through the wall, the extra defense stopped them cold.
The buttressed wall staves off the orc attack 

Then the monsters play dirty. They roll a giant boulder down the hill, crashing into the wall.
 The boulder about to take out a section of wall

Once again, Sir James's heroics save the day. This time, a nice shot by his archers take out a troll that emerges from the forest.
 Take that, troll!

Again, the monsters play dirty and another boulder smashes into the wall. In their callous disregard for the own, the boulder crushes a troll before it smashes the wall.

The assault grew more fevered. Our walls faltered and fell. Then Lady Elizabeth stepped in. Her attacks cleared the field. But then a huge swarm of monsters appeared. They breached the wall and began to tear down our keep. Things were looking bleak, but then Sir James led a sortie that thinned them out. Lady Elizabeth followed by wounding the last troll and chasing it back into the forest. When it emerged again, Sir James struck it down.


Sir James with his trophy - the last troll.
Note that only Two Towers remain.

Although this was a simple game, we had a lot of fun fending off the monsters. Castle Panic is a nice, light war game. I'm sure we'll play it some more.

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