Sunday, September 1, 2013

Castle Death

While poking around for some rpg adventure ideas, I came across a series of posts about a "game" called Castle Death. The "game" is actually a very free-form method of role-playing designed for kids.

Castle Death Part 1
Castle Death Part 2
Castle Death Part 3
Playing Castle Death for First Timers
Castle Death Revisited

The rules struck a chord with me, not because I want to play with kids, but because I see potential as a solo system. I've been wanting to do a solo sci fi rpg campaign, but I'm stuck on the rules. A free form system, like CD, may be the ticket.

I may add a little to character creation. I've been thinking about the following components:
  • Name
  • Race
  • Profession
  • Talent (what the character is really good at)
  • Equipment (weapon(s), defenses, professional gear, adventuring gear)
I'll have to set up an experiment.

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