Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Successful Dungeon Crawl

A few months ago, I posted about a particularly unsuccessful expedition into the dungeon. Last weekend, we gave it another try.

Jimmy and Elizabeth chose the wizards while I played a warrior. My strategy was to head for the tougher levels. I cleared out a few rooms of level 4 on my way to level 5. The wizards, who are actually more powerful than the warrior, took a more conservative approach. Elizabeth primarily stuck to the first few levels; Jimmy initially worked on levels 3-4 (although he later delved into the deepest level, but with little success).

Another part of my strategy was stubbornness. If I lost a battle, I would go back in until I defeated the monster. Even if I lost some treasure, I eventually reclaimed it. Similarly, I spent several turns trying to get through a secret door.

My treasures. Not many, but of high value

My strategy paid off. Even though I did not collect as many items of treasure as Elizabeth, my loot had much higher average value. Once I reached 20,000 g.p. I raced back to the Great Hall (avoiding combat as much as possible). I got stuck at a secret door; after several turns of frustration I took a longer route. Nevertheless, I made it out safely and won the game. Elizabeth was close (she had about 24,000 g.p. but as the wizard she needed 6,000 more).

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