Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Little Progress

I mentioned that I have embarked on a Space Marine project. Here is a progress update.

 I have completed the enemies from Khurasan Miniatures (obviously not painted as nicely as on the Khurasan website). plus some basic modular tiles.

Here is a shot of a few of the enemies and tiles.
The little green creatures are Furry Mini-Hellions. I went with a really alien green. Now I wish I had done a more subdued job because they look like shrubberies. Oh well.

Next up are the Space Demon (the black creature) and the Plutonian (a lobster man creature). I know that the paint jobs are bad, but they are identifiable, and that's all I need.

The tiles themselves are gray foam mats cut into 3 inch squares. Each tile has a 1 inch square grid inked on it. I made 4 different types of tiles.

1. Objective Room - a 4-door room with an X in the center square. This represents the objective of the Space Marines.
2. Air Lock Room - a 4-door room with a black arrow in one of the doorways. The Space Marines will enter the space derelict through this lock.
3. T corridor
4. Room - with 3 doors.

I made 1 objective and 4 air locks. The rest of the tiles (approximately 34) are split evenly between corridors and rooms.

I purposely only made rooms and corridors with 3 doors in order to created a meandering pathway. I envision the players randomly picking and placing down tiles (the direction will be determined by a die roll). If the tiles had 4 doors, the players would have a straight shot to the objective room. With only 3 doors, they should now run into dead ends and have to zig zag a bit through the derelict.

Although it's not pretty, the set up is functional, and the project is making headway. I just need some Space Marines and the battle can begin!

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