Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick Update

I haven't been playing any space games since I last posted, but I have been playing games.

Last weekend Elizabeth and I served a Halloween meal for some family members. Here is our handiwork:
 Mummy loaf with "moldy" potatos

Witch Hats for dessert

We followed dinner with a game of Space Hulk: Death Angel. We finally won, although that's largely because I was doing it wrong. I accidentally used the Void Lock card for 6 Space Marines rather than 6 players. As a result, we encountered far fewer Genestealers than normal. I rectified the mistake about halfway through and we proceeded to lose 9 of our 12 Marines!

I recently picked up a copy of Zombies!, which we played on Halloween as we were giving out candy. My brother-in-law picked a card to move 10 spaces in one turn. He made a dash for the heliport, killed a zombie in the way, and flew to safety (Elizabeth and I watched him as the zombies closed in on us).

I also picked up a copy of the Scandinavia version of Ticket to Ride. I completed 2 routes and steamed away with the victory. We followed with Forbidden Island, but it sank to the depths with the last treasure.

NOTE: We played both Zombies and Ticket to Ride for the first time last week, and enjoyed them both. I foresee many replays.

Space Project
I received the miniatures I had ordered and have started painting. I really suck at painting so I'm not doing anything fancy; just enough to get them on the table. My camera battery died so I don't have pics yet.

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