Thursday, December 26, 2013

Year End Reflections

I planned to wait until the 1st anniversary of this blog to post some reflections on my experiences since I started blogging, but I have some time now.

If I had to describe this last year gaming-wise, it would be GADD (Gamer's Attention Deficit Disorder). At the beginning of the year, my plan was to resurrect my Francesia horse-and-musket campaign. I ordered figures (15mm Irregular) but never painted them. I picked up a couple of air war games (Down in Flames and Eindekker), which I haven't touched in months. Instead, I veered off in multiple directions. I did some solo role-playing. I went on a brief medieval kick before I ventured into sci fi. I kept getting sucked into video games (e.g. I started a new Skyrim character recently).

Let's take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2013.


  • Board Game Night - It has become a fairly regular feature in my household. We picked up some fun games (Castle Panic, Zombies!, and my wife's favorite - Ticket to Ride) and enjoy playing together.
  • New genres - Last January, I did not even conceive of starting sci fi or rpg projects, but I have enjoyed them (even though I play so infrequently). This is the positive aspect of GADD.
  • Discovering the History of Wargaming project - available on my nook are these reprints of classic wargaming books. Highly recommended.

  • Unfinished Projects - From Francesia to Dux Brit, I have drifted away from numerous projects. This is the negative aspect of GADD.
  • The Lure of Video Games - I still find myself getting sucked into video games, which takes away time from my other wargaming projects.
So what does 2014 have in store? I think I will wait and post that in early January.

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