Monday, August 18, 2014


I played the next raid in my Redgrave Raiders campaign.

Set Up
After their defeat earlier in the year, the Redgravians decided to raid in force. Two warbands approached one of Count Deleas's villages. The alarm was raised, the levy formed in the village, and reinforcements were rushed to the scene. The raiders moved quickly, however, and soon were nearly upon the village.
Starting positions

The Raid
The Redgravians swooped to attack the village. The levy held out as long as they could as reinforcements rushed forward.
The village beset
 The raiders went into berserk mode, thrashing the levy, which fled from the village.
The village falls
 Both sides temporarily ceased hostilities in order to fend off a giant cat.
 Once it was gone, the Imperial reinforcements engaged the enemy. One warband held them up while the other pillaged and set fire to the village.
Too late! Reinforcements arrive as the village goes up in  flames.
 The pillagers then made off while the other warband covered their escape.
Making off with the plunder
 The plunderers got caught up in the woods while Redgravians and Imperials battled it out near the village.
Stuck in the woods
 The Imperials managed to push aside the blocking warband. They tried to chase down the plunderers but could not catch them. The other warband managed to slip away.
 The Aftermath
Their produce stolen and their homes in ashes, the villagers face a rough winter. Meanwhile, Count Deleas is concerned about the following spring. Will this successful raid embolden his foe, bringing more raiders in the new year? Will the carnage discourage his people, making it harder to recruit soldiers for the upcoming campaigns?

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