Saturday, August 2, 2014

Some More Francesian History

When I last discussed the affairs of the Redgrave war (which took place about a generation before the Grayrock Revolution), Southcoast had fallen to the Redgrave invaders despite an attempt at an amphibian reinforcement. An Imperial counterattack reclaimed the city.

At this point, Duke Johann of Drakendorf unfurled the banner of rebellion against his sovereign. Taking advantage of the Emperor's distraction, Johann marched on the Imperial captial of Silverfern with assistance from Bluderia,

Battle of Greenville
With some of his chief supporters, the Emperor Lester rode madly back to the capital and established defenses in the village of Greenville just outside the capital. Although the Bluderian forces successfully seized the right flank of the Imperial earthworks, Johann’s forces were devastated in their attacks on the left. Facing apparent disaster, Johann fled. Without their ally, the Bluderian troops relinquished their gains. A bloody and narrow victory for Lester.

  • Lester – 23,000; 7,000 casualties
  • Johann – 34,000; 8,500 casualties

Battle of Silverfern
At this point, Bluderia dropped all pretense and invaded the Empire supported by its client states of Greenglade and Grayrock with assistance from Duke Johann. Bluderian forces stormed the walls of Silverfern but were cut down in droves. Nevertheless, the defenders also suffered heavy losses. Finally, the Landwehr routed. Imperial artillery continued to hold out, but Drakendorf troops reached the Citadel and tore down the Katzplatter standard. Prince Lester fled for his life from the fallen city.
  • Lester – 24,000; 8,000 casualties
  • Edmond and Johann – 45,000; 14,000 casualties
The End of the War
With Silverfern controlled by his militia, Johann engineered a coup. He had the Archbishop declare him Emperor. He called upon the kings of Bluderia and Redgrave to negotiate a truce. Neither one wanted the other in control of the Empire, and their armies had been battered by the war, so they reluctantly agreed to let Johann take the throne. Thus began the reign of the Drakendorf family. Unfortunately, some of the wealthiest provinces of the empire had fallen into the hands of its powerful neighbors. Meanwhile, Netherbottom remained loyal to Lester. The Admiral helped the deposed emperor to flee to the Lands beyond the Inner Sea where Lester plots his return.

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