Monday, September 1, 2014

Saturday Game - An Ancient One Appears

I played Elder Sign with my wife and brother Saturday night. This time, we had to stop Nyarlathotep from entering the world and devouring humanity.

Things did not go well, largely because I could not roll dice to save my characters' lives. (literally!) And my use of the plural for character is not a typo. In Elder Sign, if your character dies prior to the arrival of the elder god, you are not out of the game; you just start up a new character. My brother had middling success (although he also lost a character) but my wife was amazingly good. Alas, her competence could not offset my ineptitude, and Nyarlathotep was summoned into our world.

Once the elder god enters, your heroes can try to defeat him by rolling dice to reverse the doom track. We managed a few hits before it attacked. As you can see on the card pictured above, and attack will eliminate any characters who do not have Clue tokens. Well, my wife and I were instantly devoured. My brother continued to fight on and in an epic struggle banished Nyarlathotep back to the foul dimension from whence it came.

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