Saturday, September 20, 2014

2mm Medieval

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm planning to run a Francesian Conquest game using 2mm figures. I had ordered some from Irregular last year after my foray into 15mm stalled. But then my 2mm project never got off the ground. Well, I fnally got (most of) them painted.

Here are the armies so far.

Army 1 - Redgrave
The Redgrave army is loaded with heavy infantry. As I was unpacking the figures, I discovered a pack of wolves so I decided to add some of these predators to the army. I'll probably treat them like cavalry, but allow them to move and attack in wooded terrain without penalty. I'm actually 1 heavy stand short (due to some poor planning on my part). I'm going to order some more 2mms so I can fill in the gap.
The Redgrave army
Still need to paint the base edges
 Army 2 - Imperials
The Imperial army will be much bigger than the rest because it needs to stand in for 4 different provincial armies (Transflumia, Meditera, Argentia, and Draconia) with vastly different compositions. Currently, I have completed the heavy infantry (due to the planning snafu I mentioned earlier, I have an extra stand of heavies) and 2 units of cavalry. The light infantry and archers are drying as I write. I need to order more cavalry and the Draconian elephants.
The Imperial army
So why did I decide to plunge back into 2mm? Well, my post last year gives some valid reasons. An additional reason is that my wife and I are planning a cruise in November. I want to bring a small game to play during the trip. I decided that 2mm would make an excellent portable wargame.

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