Sunday, February 1, 2015


Now that I am back in a horse & musket mood, I've been contemplating my minis organization. I decided to abandon my Risk armies but was debating between 2mm and 6mm. Well, I have settled on 6mm (using Baccus's excellent figures). Here is my plan:

  • Create 3 main armies (Empire, Bluderia, and Redgrave)
  • Each army will consist of 4 infantry, 2 skirmishers, 2 cavalry, 2 artillery, and a general. This will allow me to field any of the random 6-unit force compositions in One-Hour Wargames.
  • Create a 4th main army of native tribesmen. I have not decided on the exact composition but I'm thinking it will consist of skirmishers and spear-armed warbands.
The goal is to shift my wars to a new continent recently discovered by the Francesian powers. They will be battling to seize control from the natives and from each other.

The last part of the plan is:

  • Create 3 minor armies (Drakendorf, Grayrock, Greenglade).
  • Each of these armies will be half the size of a main army. They will be used as allies.
I have enough infantry, cavalry, and generals to create 2 main armies. I need to order some skirmishers as well as troops for the third army.

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