Sunday, February 15, 2015

Star Cup 3!

It's been a while since I last played a Star League game but I decided to catch up today. Last time, I played the first game of Star Cup 3, which the Antarens won. Today, I finished off the series.

Game 2 - Antarens @ Hydrans
The game began with the Antarens controlling the ball, but the stiff Hydran defense prevented any shots. The Hydran coach got impatient and ordered his players to press forward. This strategy backfired as the Antarens were able to clear the ball, rush forward, and score. Antarens 1-0 at half.

In the second half, the Hydran coach switched to a balanced attack but then tried to crush the Antaren's best player. This maneuver drew a penalty, but the goalie was able to block the shot to keep the Hydrans in the game. A little while later, the Hydrans were able to feed the ball to their striker who rifled the ball into the net. Tie game!

Overtime was looming when the Hydrans were able to scoop up a loose ball. They maneuvered down the court. Time was running out when they shot and scored. A dramatic 2-1 victory for the Hydrans!

Game 3 - Hydrans @ Antarens
The Star Cup returned to the Antaren's court for the finale. In the middle of the first half, the Antaren coach unleashed his striker, who was able to slip one by the opposing goalie. From then on, the Antarens played very conservatively. The Hydrans were able to maintain possession but they had trouble getting into scoring position. Late in the second half, they had an opening. The Antaren goalie dove for the ball - save! After that, the Hydrans failed to mount a serious threat and time wound down for a 1-0 Antaren victory.

Season 3 Champs - Antarens!

Note on Season 4 - I set up the season 4 and began playing week 1 using the automated program. I will be playing one of the teams, but we'll save that for a later update.

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