Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A LARP Phase

With respect to my hobbies, I tend to experience phases, especially for my two favorite hobbies - gaming and LARPing. I'll get heavily involved in one and let the other slide a bit. This is happening now as LARPing is consuming my free time while my miniature wargames have fallen by the wayside.

A lot is going on in my LARP life. I have been elected "sheriff" of my local group. As a result, I've been busy planning and organizing games for our weekly gatherings. Some of the things I'm doing:
  • Created flyers for our group
  • Organized a tournament to select our group's new champion
  • Created the battlegame scenarios over the past few weeks. These have included
    • A tavern brawl and an ensuing riot
    • Hunting a sea monster that was terrorizing the coast
    • Ending a blight of undead
  • Preparing for an althing to determine if our group wants to unite with the local kingdom
I am also changing my character (as I've mentioned recently) from a paladin-like warrior to a scout (i.e. a ranger). I've been researching the look I want (by the way, the Middle Earth Ranger forum is a great resource), planning acquisitions, and doing some crafting. For example, I recently built these 2 "throwing daggers."

I was toying with the thought of playing a miniatures game this weekend, but instead I may be preparing for a hurricane. Thanks Erika.

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