Sunday, August 2, 2015

My Evolving Look

OK, I am in a little lull with my miniatures gaming. I keep saying I should play a game but I am not motivated, I've learned that I just need to ride it out and not force anything.

I have been thinking a lot about my live action roleplaying (which I have called 1:1 scale wargaming). I have since changed groups and am now with Amtgard rather than Dagorhir. Amtgard has classes (like Dungeons & Dragons). Alas, my favorite class, paladin, is restricted in Amtgard to those who have earned an Amtgard "knighthood." As a result, I have been playing scout (i.e. ranger) instead. However, my current look just does not look ranger-like. I am in the process of changing my style. As I have been researching, I came across some pictures of me across the years.

At first, I really did not have a good idea of my character's background. I was simply slapping medieval looking pieces together, like this:
Cotton tunic with pants that are way too big on me
I then decided I wanted to be a Dark Age warrior from the time of King Arthur. Here I am at an event in 2010.
Same garb as a above.
The leather armor makes the outfit.
 I messed around with other ideas.
Greek-inspired garb.
Comfortable in the hot, humid, Florida weather
But issues with skin cancer have forced me to cover up. I also began moving toward a paladin character, so I switched to a white tunic.
A Dark Age paladin.
Same armor but now with a white tunic.
 Dagorhir and Amtgard allow fantasy characters so I began to embrace a more mythical version of King Arthur's time. Due to health constraints, I did not want to wear metal armor so I commissioned some leather armor designed to look a bit like plate.
Full blown fantasy paladin look
As you can see, the above kit does not really fit with my new ranger persona. Instead, I'd like to look more like this:
Robin Hood
Due to my skin cancer issues, I now wear a long-sleeved, SPF t-shirt under my garb. Unfortunately, having this under a tunic becomes uncomfortable in the Florida heat. For practices, I have taken to wearing a surcoat instead of a tunic. This way, I have one less layer covering my arms, which is way more comfortable.
Practice garb
I'm thinking of doing something similar for my new event garb. I found this surcoat on e-bay. The one on the right looks properly ranger-ish. The picture shows it over a black tunic but it is actually sleeveless. I could pair it with a brown, green, or even black SPF shirt.

I have some black hosen and decent shoes that I can re-purpose as ranger garb. I just need to work on my armor.

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