Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On Virtual Skirmishing

Over the last month I have been experimenting with sci-fi skirmishes. I don't currently have figures or terrain so I have been playing the games on a virtual board, like this:

However, I stated that I wanted to transition to a real board. To that end, I recently purchased a cork board and gridded it for use in skirmishes.

I have a bunch of sci-fi paper miniatures files. I planned to print them out for use on my new board. But then I discovered that our printer is on the fritz so I have no way of printing them out.

Interestingly, I'm not that disappointed; I am actually enjoying the virtual board. I tried a virtual board before for horse and musket battles but was not satisfied. Yet these skirmishes seem to work great on a virtual board. It's easier to set up (in fact, I usually set up the scenario during the week and then play the game on the weekend). Furthermore, I don't have to worry about painting, printing, or storage. I am so satisfied that I now plan to continue these virtual skirmishes for the time being.

In fact, I am considering converting some of my miniatures projects to a virtual board! I've been thinking about it and am wondering if my aversion to the horse and musket virtual game was due to the units. I either used blocks or front facing figures. Now I think that top-down blocks may work best. I started putting together some medieval top-downs. We'll see how that goes.

Does this mean that I am done with miniature wargaming? Who knows where my GADD will take me? I just know that the virtual board has increased the number of games I've been playing.

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