Saturday, May 7, 2016

Cat Patrol and Other Goings On

I've been on vacation this week. We were at Disney so I was "restricted" to games with few physical components. I had my computer with me so I was able to complete a Four Against Darkness (4ADadventure. In addition, Kate and Kip began a new mission.

Last night, my wife was so bored that she actually agreed to play a game of 4AD! I asked her to create the party; she decided to name the characters after our cats:

Cooper - He's the alpha male so he became our warrior.

Thomasina - She's beautiful and mysterious so I thought she'd be a good elf. However, we needed a healer, and our vet described her as a "perfect angel." So she became a cleric.

Onyx - He's kind of the bad boy of the group so he became a rogue.

And finally Ollie - He's the smallest one so he became a halfling.

I've dubbed them the Cat Patrol. Their first adventure is over at my Tales of the Templars blog.

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