Saturday, June 18, 2016

Getting Ready for a Quest

Tomorrow I'm running a quest for my local LARP group. There will be a couple participants who are in town for the weekend and don't have their own equipment so I spent the morning doing a little foam-smithing.

Here are the 3 items I worked on today. The one on the right is a brand-new construction. In February, I found a broken golf club in the trash at the park. I recovered it and saved the shaft. Today I turned it into a sword. The other 2 were repairs. I put a new blade on my short glaive and fixed the handles on my shield.

Here is a view of the glaive with the cover on the blade. I'm using orange and calling it a flaming blade.

Speaking of flames, I had a mace with an orange cover that I called the Flame of Justice. About a month ago, the foam broke down, making it unusable. Here is it disassembled.

Replacing the foam will be my next foam-smithing project.

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