Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pip's Big Day

Over the past couple of weeks my enthusiasm for my pulp air project has been waning. As a result, I have not played a scenario in a few weeks. There are a few reasons:

  • Real life (esp. Buster) keeps taking time from gaming.
  • I want to run a zeppelin scenario but I'm not happy with my zeppelin marker.
  • GADD has struck again and now I am interested in sci fi in the Slipstream setting

Over the past week I have been pondering how to do Slipstream. I'd like to build some retro rockets for space battles (using Spandau and Lewis!). I'd also like to get some character minis for skirmish/RPG combats; I just cannot find small scale figures (10mm or less) with the aesthetic I want.

Temporarily stymied in my Slipstream project, I decided to run a Dirk Daring scenario.

Our hero, Dirk Daring, in his red-white-and-blue Peregrine fighter, is on patrol with his wingman Pip Paddington (in a Goshawk fighter). They small an EIF Condor bomber being escorted by two Raptor fighters (top right)

Tally ho! They race to intercept. One Raptor engages Pip but Dirk roars past to take on the Condor. Dirk hits the bomber but takes damage in return!

Dirk gets on the bomber's tail and blazes away. He takes more damage, though. Pip cannot quite turn on the bomber's tail but he gets a shot at a Raptor.

Dirk and Pip are hot on the bomber's tail. One Raptor pursues Dirk - more damage!

Our heroes continue to focus on the bomber. Pip blazes away and the bomber goes down in flames! The Raptor continues to pursue Dirk. Bullets rip through his plane, which begins to smoke and smolder.
[Please pardon the lousy photos from here on out]

"I'm about to go down!" Dirk radios Pip. "Let's get out of here."
But as he says this, the Raptor turns on Pip. Dirk valiantly races to his aid.

But Pip manages a nifty Immelman and sets his erstwhile pursuer ablaze.

The other Raptor had got lost in the clouds. leaving Dirk and Pip free to head back home.

With 2 kills, Pip had a big day!

6 by 6 Challenge -  3.4 complete

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