Friday, November 19, 2021

LARP and more (or is it less)?


LARP has been dominating my time lately.

Recently I created a buckler using a foam kickboard.

It measures approximately 17 x 11 inches. I slapped the X (actually a chi) on with duct tape. It's just a placeholder until I paint something.

I did a photo shoot last weekend. I really like how this kit came out.

Our group is inspired by the Byzantine Empire so this is my attempt at a (somewhat) inexpensive kit. The tunic and pants cost <= $20 each. I made the helmet from a cheap Halloween costume item. The brigandine was a bit costlier, but not really needed for the game. It's something I already owned and thought it would look good.

It has been a month since my last Tweedle adventure. I have the basic idea for the next one, but haven't got around to playing it. This is largely because I want to illustrate it with miniatures like last time, but the figures need to be painted. This is one of the drawbacks to minis in roleplaying games; you can quickly run out of figures unless you already have a large inventory of monsters.

Family Game Night
We did manage a family game night last weekend. We played Castle Panic, and just managed to stop the invading horde. We were left with just two towers and one wall.

We left the TV on downstairs, which distracted our cat Onyx and let us play the game in peace. Our cat Thomasina was happy.

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