Saturday, February 4, 2023

Investigating Axeholm

A Ser Killian Adventure

Spoiler Alert - The following adventure is based on the D&D adventure Dragon of Icespire Peak. You may not want to read this if you plan to play that adventure.

The Quest
After the adventure against the wererats, our heroes return triumphant to Phandalin.

There, Harbin Wester, the townmaster, has news. Adabra Gwynn of Umbrage Hill recently spotted the dragon. Wester is concerned that it may soon attack Phandalin. He wants to relocate to a more secure location. To that end, he asks the party to scout the dwarven ruins of Axeholm.

The Journey
Axeholm is about a day south of Phandalin. Their journey is easy. On the way, they meet a cleric named Martin. He joins the party.

I rolled a boon for the random event during the journey. The party needs a cleric so I decided to add one.

The Lower Level
The party arrives at the impressive fortress carved into the rock of a mountain. Once a dwarven stronghold, the inhabitants abandoned they executed a dark elf spy. With her dying breath, the spy cursed the fortress. People say that her spirit still haunts the now empty halls.

As they enter the fortress, four zombie dwarves attack them. 

Gruff kills one but another wounds him in return. Killian comes to Gruff's aid and helps dispatch the zombie. He, Gruff, and Haiden then slay the rest.

Later, 2 stirges attack, but our heroes take them out easily.

Then they encounter 2 ghouls.

One wounds Killian. He resists paralysis and then slaughters the monstrosity. Martin then turns the other.

Finally, they find the ghoul lord. Martin turns it before it even gets a single attack.
Technically, Martin is too low a level to turn a ghoul, but I gave him a 1/6 chance. He succeeded!

After defeating the ghoul lord, the party finds the stairs up to the top level.

What happens next? Find out next time!
I played this adventure a few weeks ago but finally got around to posting it. I still haven't finished the adventure. :(


  1. The fact that your party find so many nasties at Axeholm would be enough of a clue to me to “steer well clear”. Still, your guys are out to put an end to the baddies so I suppose they have the incentive to press ahead with their mission.

    1. True enough. Killian is a paladin so he can't leave well enough alone. :)