Saturday, February 23, 2013


I’ve been suffering a bit of GADD – Gamer’s Attention Deficit Disorder – lately. As is probably clear from my posts, I have been flitting around from game to game. As a result, I have not been getting very far with any of my projects. The revolution in Grayrock is on hiatus, von Schmutz hasn’t flown a mission in weeks, and the German aerial campaign over Poland is stymied. I also have quite a few reports, thoughts, etc. I’d like to record.

Nevertheless, I have been playing games.

·         Axis & Allies Europe

Two weekends I hosted a gaming night with my brother and a few friends. We pulled out A&A. The Germans did well at the start: their subs terrorized the Atlantic convoys, they defeated the British at El Alamein and advanced into the Middle East, and they were practically knocking on the door of Moscow. But the Russians held firm and the British and American navies were able to clear the sea lanes. As the noose tightened, Germany conceded the game. This game seems like a very tough challenge for the German player. Nevertheless, we had a good time.

·         Pandemic

We picked this up at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago but finally played it last weekend. It is a cooperative game where the players are scientists and doctors trying to eradicate plagues that are threatening mankind. Alas, humanity was doomed as we failed to stop the rampaging diseases in time.

·         Forbidden Island

Rather than watch helplessly again as Armageddon destroys the world, we decided to try something “easier.” We chose Forbidden Island. Created by the same designer as Pandemic, the rules are very similar but this game is a bit simpler. This time, we are adventurers trying to retrieve four treasures from an island before it sinks below the waves. We were very close; 3 treasures in our hands and one nearly in our grasp, when our helicopter landing pad sank, leaving us stranded to a watery death.

I also spent much of last Saturday working on converting the space opera RPG Tales of the Space Princess 

to a 2D6 system. I think I have a handle on it now. I am working up a short adventure to use as an experiment. During the week, I primed a bunch of figures for use with my Francesia campaign.

So my gaming life has been active, even if this blog has not been.

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