Saturday, February 16, 2013

Notes on the Battle of Maraconi

I meant to post this last weekend as a follow-up to my report on the Battle of Maraconi.

The battle of Maraconi was played with rules of my own devising. The combat rules are derived from the game Viktory.  I love the idea of using Risk Express dice  for unit activation, as described by Bob Cordery. Unfortunately, I do not have Risk Express dice, so I used normal D6s as follows:

Roll         Activate
1-3          1-3 Infantry as per die roll
4              1 cavalry
5              1 artillery
6              1 unit of player choice

The rebels rolled 3 dice per turn while the Bluderians only rolled 2 (to reflect their surprise). I have recently ordered some blank dice and will be creating my own version of the Risk Express dice.

I decided that this scenario would last until one side lost 8 stands (approximately half of the smaller army). I thought about adding objectives (counting as 1 stand lost), specifically the village and the square where the Greenglade infantry began (representing the road out of the Maraconi valley) but dispensed with these as to simplify the game.

Overall, the rules have promise, although I need to clarify some aspects (e.g. what happens to stands belonging to the losing side that are hit but then save?). Still, it seems a quick and easy game for solo play, which is my goal.

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