Saturday, October 12, 2013

Battle Report: The Omicron Incident

To: CO - 501st Starfighter Squadron
From: Lt Ray Gunn - A Flight Leader
Re: Omicron Incident

As per orders, Lt Ty Rowe and I were patrolling the outskirts of the Omicron system's asteroid belt when we encountered two fighters of the rebel Aquians. We immediately engaged.

 Starting positions - The Aquians (orange) emerge from behind an asteroid

We quickly closed the range on the Aquains. I rushed past the enemy flight leader and engaged the wingman, but my shots missed. Lt Rowe engaged the enemy leader as it began to turn after me.

 Initial shots by the Federation pilots

I made a hard right turn and was able to line up on the enemy leader. We traded ineffectual shots. Rowe was able to slide into position and unleash a devastating barrage against his target.

The enemy leader about to go up in flames. 

With its leader gone, the remaining fighter turned tail to flee. Rowe and I pursued. I was closest to the enemy and began raking him with fire.

 The pursuit begins

My shots damaged the enemy's engine and it began to slow. I did not compensate correctly and quickly overtook it, accidentally colliding. I suffered minor hull damage.

 Oops. Lt Gunn accidentally runs into the enemy.

Lt Rowe kicked on the afterburners and was able to catch up with the slowed enemy. We poured fire into it. Within seconds, the last fighter exploded.

The last moment of the Aquian fighter

Lt. Rowe performed admirably during the encounter. He was responsible for the destruction of both enemy fighters.

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