Thursday, October 24, 2013

Space Templars Adventure 2

While I wait for my Space Marines and enemies, I decided to plot out the next Space Templar adventure. Once again, I pulled out the Space Opera Adventure Generator and came up with:

Retrieve a secret located on an alien world while dealing with a disaster and while opposed by an Empire.

This reminded me of a Star Wars: The Old Republic quest where a Jedi character has to investigate a cavern on Tython. I also took inspiration from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Who Watches the Watchers."

A Federation scientific expedition doing research on a primitive planet has met with disaster. A massive meteor shower struck the the expedition's outpost in the hilly region. The scientists barely escaped, but they accidentally left behind some prized research. Our heroes will have to explore the ruined outpost and find the expedition's database. Unfortunately, an Imperial force has found the site.

The adventure will have two stages - the Caverns and the Laboratories. Like my previous adventure, I do not have a map; instead I randomly roll for encounters every time I move into a new "room." Here are the first draft of the encounter charts.


  1. Cave Men - indigenous hominids are investigating the caves
  2. Cave In - a section of the roof, weakened by the meteor shower, falls upon the group
  3. Giant Spider - a native spider like creature has taken residence in the caverns
  4. Trap - the scientists left a non lethal trap to discourage the natives from investigating
  5. Imperial Troopers - they're here!
  6. A boon - some good fortune befalls the group
  7. Security door - once opened, proceed to the next section
  1. Security Bot - left by the scientists
  2. Cave In
  3. Carnivorous Plant - a specimen collected by the scientists
  4. Dangerous Predator - another specimen, which has escaped its cage
  5. More Imperial Troopers
  6. Another boon
  7. The Control Chamber - location of the database. An Imperial trooper in full battlesuit is here. He has just defeated the expedition's security bot. The heroes need to defeat him to retrieve the database.

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