Saturday, July 18, 2015

Good Home Project - Baccus 6mm American Revolution


Baccus 6mm American Revolution Era
Next up on the chopping block is my Baccus 6mm imagi-nations project. The figures are from Baccus's American Revolution range. All together there are 15 strips of cavalry, 48 infantry strips, 4 guns with crew, and 4 strips of mounted generals.

Here's what happens to unsold figures!

(Not really. My unsold medievals are heading to Goodwill)

Items for sale:

Partially painted.
I believe these are Patriot cavalry

"Blue" Infantry
Mostly painted but un-based
I believe the figures are actually British regulars
Bare figures.
From L to R - Mounted generals, artillery and crews (4 guns), cavalry
More infantry
"White" Army infantry.
Painted (very basic) and based.
The stands on the left have 2 strips per base.
The ones on the right and the command stands have 1 strip per base.


All figures are sold as-is in a single batch. I will not break up batches.

Buyer agrees to pay the specified price + shipping (via US Postal Service Priority Mail which is $5.95 in the US). Payments made via PayPal.

To purchase, contact me directly at warwell2 AT yahoo dot com

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