Friday, July 3, 2015

Good Home Project - 2mm Horse & Musket


Irregular Miniatures 2mm Horse & Musket
3 generic armies of horse & musket stands with very basic paint jobs (usually 2-3 colors per strip). Based on 20 cm x 10 mm cardboard bases with 1 strip per base. The artillery is actually the Renaissance cannons because the Irregular horse & musket cannons were too small to see.
The Blue Army
Cavalry, infantry, and artillery with command behind the artillery
The blue army consists of  8 stands of cavalry (6 with gray mounts), 36 stands of infantry, 4 stands of artillery, and an unpainted command stand.

The White Army
Cavalry, infantry, command, and artillery
 The white army consists of 3 stands of cavalry (1 on black mounts), 24 stands of infantry, a command stand, and 2 artillery stands

The Red Army
Cavalry behind skirmishers, infantry, and command behind artillery
The red army consists of 2 stands of skirmishers, 3 stands of cavalry (1 on black mounts), 10 stands of infantry, a command stand, and 2 stands of artillery


All figures are sold as-is in a single batch. I will not break up batches.

Buyer agrees to pay the specified price + shipping (via US Postal Service Priority Mail which is $5.95 in the US). Payments made via PayPal.

To purchase, contact me directly at warwell2 AT yahoo dot com

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